Friday 15 May 2009


Howdy everybody, my name is eggtooth and i am here now. I exist in this space,confined if you will. I will claw and viddie well your world,your atlanta through this vignette,this here hole ive scratched to peek at you through.
Tmorrow i will go see Kibbee Gallery & Mattress Factory and i will make some silly attempt at being a blank positive slate. A potentisl energy board,prepared to happily register passion in the for mof words upon my return.
But is silliness while I listen to the various clouds roll over the top of this building. Today's sky was indeed a nice one. I liked watching the phases it went through.
I cannot decide if the new materials to pain twith(i acquired some medium density overlay and have a bunch of damar melted up) will go towards a pathetic manufacturers desire for money,or will they sit while i begin to sketch?
Tmorrow night, i am curious to see what Maxwell Sebastian has to show. I have known him for a long time now. i met him when we were trading wall space at Apache in, i think it was .....god...was it 2002?
anyways i must go now. it is friday night.

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