Saturday 23 January 2010


bottom: features print cut-out image of heidi aishman's osama makeover 2008
top: features print cut-out image of sam gilliam's atlanta 2003

A transparent child's foot in the sand makes an arc. Blurring hats and beginnings-a true piece of creation never complete,parts of on-going liminal strivings,between sound's lexicality and the visual in language...the regression into a state of being that continues to un-learn.oppositional defiance or lack of attention span,on purpose for so long that 2nd nature,just like this here & now,a series of fractional lattice structures ever-shifting, referencing the self for a hope to be pure,not a lie,not a representation or reaction,not even really about sharing so much as feeling a wholeness that sees everything at once....creating from this place adapts to surface level characteristics,evaluating and admiring different ways artists have handled this quandary in the past...

CHRISTIAN BOK youtubes ive stored here.

Saturday 16 January 2010

Poem: Divisional Mixtures (and the versus) Graft-Up Fluxta

"farrah" @ Atl Contemporary
Baconator ferry dune flagalia photograph for what's that fashionista.
Sincerity says things with hedged and carved perspectives. Layered,then cut,a planar saw-then a rip screeches across the moment,rendering visible the sound,built up layers of stained transparencies and accelerated aging,the shape manifested across those details that don't normally mix. Not memories. Not a representation of the fractional landing sights of sensory input or depth perception dilemmas,unrelated to the wall one might walk up to and ,unrelated to the glass door before it,the street leading up to this place. The mother's hand with the spoon and the thrown toy on the red shag rug.

kombo chapfika's burqa at beepbeep: there was another that was rather intricate and representing essentially the same awareness of techniques and swatches of art languages- (easily found samples/references on request.) his handling in skill is natural and worthy of a look on that level,but not beyond that. The "startling" contrast of flat superbreakout rectangle cheese angled colors, against a textured ground,intersections of not only processes that reverb,but of compartmentalized associations-forcing a sort of odd dynamic on a couple levels. His works pretty well. I've seen more successful applications of this recipe,but i think the beauty in this is the randomness is so highly personalized it really is fun to see what happens when different artists give it a mashed-up patched jab.

....Symptoms recur,this self-referential style of live sampling in the moment,referencing a choice whose origin is in down-playing,in humility or forced apathy,it determines a location assigned,a station that remains perfectly relative. It interrupts itself with other masks. Incongruently forcing the experience into a question of that act in itself. What it is worth.
Is the goal about evolution? (Is there a goal).....

Mannerisms inconsistent with over-analysis(almost validating "analyization" as a word) succumbs to something less rigorous and much more affluent in path-isms. Standard romantics have less than qualifiable needs when it is rated in terms of art. Somber,yes. Lacking,no. The basements of icebergs as an analogy becomes self-aware, re-covered in graffiti. Passages back to the mountains. Sarcasm runs jagged fingernails over half-studied lessons. The intuitive or instinctive or the half-asleep decision making process. "Cyclonopedia: Complicity w/anonymous materials by the by the Reza Negarestani stored here for future reference. Excellent.
The Contemporary Center for Art in Atlanta's latest mergers & acquisitions show today. King Congregation the other night. Traffic lights and sharp pains in necks and backs. Coffee lessons. Missed poetry readings.

Nothing much to say about that place I will never deliberately go to again. Unfortunate gathering of bodies crammed together,as if misplanted from buckhead-avoiding that thought of monday having fun starting the evening with an idea, a thing to say you did. Law of diminishing returns doesn't apply because the goal is being achieved. I ignore myself. I didnt buy the frame for a face. i did buy a grady haugerud if that aint funny.

Micah Stansell video was like a giant fancy Sears commerical for last autumn's modish colours...if you know what i mean. The shot of Atlanta with the Westin as an almost centered division,its little black squares bespeckled its length, a reminder of a tornado that came thru downtown Atlanta. Division of orientations brought to question. Whose side do you prefer to gaze on? Where and why do you recall what you recall...the vehicles in the driveway and that day at the park. I wasn't enthralled and felt a sinking sad feeling. This person spent a pretty penny probably. probably quite sincere in her expression. perhaps commanding a necessary air to its quality and deserved measure,its vantage filters the space between it and eyes,disguising any desires to acknowledge
the atrophy and bedsores.

Just generally ambivalent .


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