Saturday 17 October 2009

HOBO ZOMBIE (the new bitterness)

In toady's immediate surroundings,the report to the self-the distance required is unavoidable. It attaches attachments and sends them..a oneness, an the hobo,or an incognito-ed clown..a zombie, reduced to facial features. Desire on a base level-animated and elevated to a state of deliciousness for want.
A shrine or pedestal of positioning uses immediacy. The personal and all before it- to suck us full of life. To react to, to react to. It's useful,the symbols. These letters
(this is a drawing of course.)
Words scrawled in motion. A letter to send off, a pre-routed message in a bottle to the self. A scribble on a dollar. Currency. Disease that is society. Carrying a bit of information, like those- these days- that graft historical facts to germs, or self-generate "art" from itself. Through science.
Graffiti that sells. Pre-designed abandoned cheap buildings called lofts.
The idea of a zombie. There it is again. The idea of the zombie- to the plumber,to the philosopher. to the Internet. To philosophical zombies. These lofts in Atlanta are zombies. This graffiti on Edgewood. Zombies.
To fast and slow movements. To feeling like yesterday was the "in my day",the world we grew up in...isn't different so much as now it simply exists in a state of Different. From itself.

Travel in a disguise of curiosity. A smile for desire and exploration and freedom from anything other than basic wants...made complicated by the low grumbling of confusion. In the stomach of a dog,or the rules of communication. The low noise persists,like the pushing of a large boulder on an annoying child's head. silence the (conch shell)truth -the fact that nothing has any meaning. There is no fair only fun house mirrors.
and talent.
beauty reigns because it has to somehow still be appealing.
all these perspectives.
They don't see themselves anymore and that is the new view. That awareness posts comments about itself.
That unity. It is a common denominator with rules..and the new rule is to turn on that rule. Like it has always been The immediacy of the uncooked or planned negates itself
unless it is beautiful
then i can be sold.

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