Saturday 23 January 2010


bottom: features print cut-out image of heidi aishman's osama makeover 2008
top: features print cut-out image of sam gilliam's atlanta 2003

A transparent child's foot in the sand makes an arc. Blurring hats and beginnings-a true piece of creation never complete,parts of on-going liminal strivings,between sound's lexicality and the visual in language...the regression into a state of being that continues to un-learn.oppositional defiance or lack of attention span,on purpose for so long that 2nd nature,just like this here & now,a series of fractional lattice structures ever-shifting, referencing the self for a hope to be pure,not a lie,not a representation or reaction,not even really about sharing so much as feeling a wholeness that sees everything at once....creating from this place adapts to surface level characteristics,evaluating and admiring different ways artists have handled this quandary in the past...

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