Wednesday 10 February 2010

Jess on the cover of a cd.

i wrote too much and decided it was pointless and presumptuous.(like art?)

oh jeez.
i will take a swag,knowing full well this one has ancient and modern writing elaborate and beyond me ripping this topic inside n out---but yr words jess:"no one involved with any show ought to read any more into any review other than it being the documentation of one person’s experience."
to be honest,my whole sharing and hanging out comment had a double edge.was being sassy. in terms of cultural exploration (evolution?)(or the desire to command a dollar value)---oh oof.where's ciliberto, i hear him around the corner)--this whole presumption about bringing into public to show to others anything has an expectation. it has the idea of expectation...not seeking to define that specifically,just drawing attention to the desire to make marks. to prognosticate or be relevant to now.indicate awareness and building from there. that desire's existence is undeniable... Reasons are endless...but the very act of taking it into public-or environments that suggest "this is a place/place comes to this/you are now/now you are- art and/or experiencing ART".
for instance, i try (and fail)-because i care about the individual and not the artist they are?) to consistently measure an expectation from art in atlanta against this idea stemming from what i def. know is my intentions. the individuality in it goes for navel-gazing oblivious rotten self-absorbed broke- and why shldnt it? if im going to do it-do it.curiously, its source is to try to actually realize there's nothing to lose and it's because i care about... everyone..the "doing it for yrself" thing is like saying something cheesy like falling in love happens when someone sees you as you see yrself..(wipes vomit from side of face here)
/not like i have an obligation to an expectation tied to trad expectations of clean editing and nice frames and non-reflective glass/ coherent/ cohesive i? do i? not like i write for the loaf or ajc or some by-product of it trying to adapt to the times- this desire to be concerned about the business aspect of art,quite frankly. it's art first. how pure can that be? am i malleable and definable by the direction of the wind...blurred edges to the point of not existing. id hope my "agenda" was generalized by not to the point of not existing-but also not more interested in how themes are handled, i guess.

both idealism and our track record reflect a need for an address of art on its core terms. meaning-stripped bare and fuzzy and bright,pungent...speaking of pungent,heres a good example of something but i dont know what: old whatshisface over at solomon projects: okay-i confess to the work not engaging me in the go so far as to say it bored me and even made me chuckle as i at once deeply respect when a postcard sized architectural doodle titled, i believe it was "barn" and has a context that escapes me, and requests what i consider an odd value in order to own it physically. but i sense a goodness to it...i cld research (curious how research itself is that act of becoming something you presently arentz) ...malevich,suprematism,case study houses.eames favorite chair i dunno the jongno tower or cctv -it still prolly wldnt engage me. but ya know gut still tells me something important was in there somewhere...and it could have been brought to light for good reason.

and it wld be asking people involved to read more into it than they are(if they arent)

isnt part of sharing/creating putting ourselves exposed to situations and experiences alien to us?

i wanna research whittington. i guess. boy does kibbee stink,tho.crikey..they consistently make me feel like im covered in aspartame)
hey yall that r still the willingness to this here now is my hand i show.(hi jess.) theres art to even this phase/being as an individual in public, meeting... ahem-friends who also make art, too. knowing how to harmonize/make dynamic-leave in or out,manipulate and use others by pretending to be oh so risky when in reality yr careful and.., oh did i say that out loud? (and yeah uh huuh..riiiight...the word COOL no longer exists. or genius. or TALENT. or uugh. funny how much i hate politics and yet i really love/obsess it on a removed spectator abstract level-- oh another word: Valuable....i mean, we care and share and hang out with others...the ends justify the means and dammit..what are those ends again? lies tellin' truths anyways,right?important work positioned with importance by someone- whose word is... respected?-not this "might interest you". life before art.. it has to be.
but atl--yes...i wanna see stuff that is so raw its like a zit in yr armpit, popped and photographed -taken under one of those lights in a department store dressing lenox.on a bloated pale day. more bloated and pale than usual, while holding a picture of yr first pet. gross. i was going for a description of immediate genuine honesty.

sorry- i was just hangin out sharing. i dont trust anyone- especially myself. but its fun to halt all the whirling internal chambers every now and then and fire passionately and as hard as i can.recall doing it 2wice from random angles on a whitespace of the effing with its (my sense of self i mean) boundaries on a bare bones blunt instrument level.
love escaping from daily grind. using intuition ...and learn stuff that i cant- and in falling short create something.

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