Monday 21 June 2010

SEEPAGES @ WHITESPACE this friday 7-10pm

Potential image from a potential piece, constantly in fertile motion. Delicious in its rot, its growth. Its history. We find it when we aren't looking, in those places so real and turned open, they can be nothing else. By-products of disaster and disasters themselves. Events continue to occur and spiral off. Taking root in the most conspicuous places, hiding while seeping, generating, and multiplying various spores and windows, a sort of cut-out looking into a truth. It references itself and examines itself, showing the raw compost of experience express uninhibited. Breaking through everything and then raking it into a fermented faux-bedding, suggesting that randomness and awareness do abruptly collide to create in their destruction.

Caroline Lathan-Stiefel curates a show opening at Whitespace this Friday: Seepages.

(above image of work in process by John Otte)

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