Thursday 22 July 2010

JIMMY LO & letters from Hong Kong

The womb, ancient wriggling scales, through water or air, a luck dance clangs through the giant origin of all, through a market place capturing a very common place, a feeling of careful observation of the every day. As a hybrid beast, a dragon dancing, and then what looks like maybe wing chun being observed in a circle of humans, so accustom and comfortable with tradition as to allow a practitioner to swing a blade within inches of their face. The dragon dance trails away, setting up for a strange subtle kind of touch Lo seems to have. For a split second, after seeing a band of animated talented performers, we see a trailing follower or shopper, just somebody -anyone in a frumpy daze of their any day of their life, an odd looking shuffle and an endearing gate this straggling weirdo, and then the glimpse is gone.
The scene cuts to another careful moment of nothing, one that recognizes a specific beauty in the moment, and almost is part of it, were it not for the delicate involvement, the awareness of an eye picking and framing this scene. It is the perfect "barely enough" and often seems to catch interesting quirky happenings.
Often obvious throughout the soft visual journey is the realization that it is from the perspective of a member of a group. Following family members. A person part of something quite normal. It is the choices of moments- and keen awareness of color. In one scene, we see from over a boat railing, a smaller boat, a sort of slate grey junk ship hustling against misty waves and fog. Looming behind it, buildings with colors matching that of the little boat's sail seem to be noticed by the person filming. In another a funny faced man smiles as he slurps up noodles that match the color of his shirt exactly. Background warm reds, just a part of the environment, cannot be orchestrated but are there perfectly.

review aint done like it wld seem the film continues like normal like i am writing this. im going for a walk and will finish this later for whoever notices. hope yr having a good evening. i love you.

jeff d

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