Tuesday 3 August 2010

Super Studies for The Inhuman

So I have this perspective I want to grip.
Knowing full well the lineage, but I'm not going to. For obvious reasons,
gracious enough.
Abrupt declaration of a need for, at the very least a break.
Through the backdoor, sit down politely, they are a bunch of sausage squares, well, then I guess maybe I will look in the mirror.

The Inhuman.
First and obvious, non. Lexical, imagined, and sounds.

Of monsters. Monsters are Inhuman related to human. Land monster being hairy. Even their mouths filled with hair. This is their poetry:

Grying troof grinds ouch rooted future tooths.
Iss loose fork nub moon
under her soon.
It wiggles lowf.

So many grow row bull locks wow
timeless weaving for mind coffins.

Of luke socks.
Tramble fift system.
List trinit grimble cragged
and silently bindery glue and glock.
Stuck rotten occurance blocks.

Trimble grinit gravid, grinit ragged listed ratchet.
Muffit slough moribund lump.
Grying ragged troof.
Facks brequalcome fick rendition.

So mow be won fork flit sis n' shoe gross sober moss soppy,
roped optics sought text ops for shunned.
Categories of labored over thoughts.

Sea Monster's :

Turks, coys, and drew. Hooks.
Frish slash n wangle, is lasting in a half truth, real.
Slap slobber grey flapping. Padlock deep and rethinking.
Angle blau, anger's lapse a bloop whisper bubbles, weed sleeking
and why worry.
Swindles wires way hauled and longing lolls.

Slipped flapper waah shhhh sklale,
rakes and scales.
Stillborn short fathoms
call bee con clink. Rusted dendrite,
wrinkled sheath,
ankh slink train pink.

Nattered waah plaffer pilshed
inside hermes hurt and ball key.

Link bloat words squirming murk
collosum tremble bridge legs
under trollganger mere or you beacon

Air monsters: groar woah flu woah snow poof waif slaw bloof sue woohoo bruise most sose brie pillow flast dried wow sigh wide wee
know won hiss blind or than knee...

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