Saturday 6 March 2010

Some discussion of Importance, Will & Compromise

The ability to perambulate, the secondary handling of the books.
Debtors and Empty Commercial Space, alienates and inspires
Systems of collaboration & Level Playing Fields, the growing up
The Merchant, mercenary alcoholics and graffiti wrapped around
old rail lines and and gentrified stereotypes.
Gridlocked into numb patience under concrete and trees,
laughing at the self and the hatred, importance and

Fantasies educate the stability,the high society and
share competition for funding, and grant proposals
for abandoned spaces so sentimental and disappearing.

Huts & UFO's don't point at value
Fire purifies symbolic of materiality
lost in the gaining of new grids to
connect us
together as individuals

Justice loose and wobbles forward
into a purple soft material.
Stained and angry, the reptilian aspect grovels for
sand paper for tears, rote and forebode in
(titanic mandibles reverberate massive shadows up black trench cold walls)
carnivores bungee desperation against sea mist and iron pours
Learned satisfaction rakes payments across checkered patterns.
Red and White or Black & White denial particles defile
License rubber candelabras and dance hall monks so chaste with laser beams.
In favor ripples tune the gallows robin breast while
warf tomes lone swank kayaks mountain praxis.
Bruise colored children's cereals
Chapped lather desiccates lost green house monocles
sober truths travel on intangible pot boilers of last jobs

Burning pt II

Memory succumbs in saved and captured
and moving forward filters spirits shadows
flickering thoughts so low
self-contained vision is (kind of) transparent
omnipresent discorporation

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