Tuesday 11 May 2010

bathroom sand and cloud phase

notice john moore williams lIIght poem in upper right corner
John Otte's contribution to the most recent phases come from an undertow that has been pulling and digging for the torque for over 2 decades now. His hand and eye have saturated in a way for so long now, they are rotten with a fertility that is beyond me. There's a sense of vision I enjoy relating to and it is very much, to me, about the humor in points. I'ts covered in and rich with awareness of so much before it. I relate to what is held on to. To come to now, and the desires that art will always have. The need for work to breathe. The necessity for this kind of environment. To play.To look for ways to gouge- and to be quite relevant and quite serious.

one chance detail.
andrew topel's work serves as a sort of twisting eye. the sanded back details surrounding it are what Otte calls anthropological finds. im reminded of geological references to laws of superposition and inclusion.and playing chess by myself. is strange the balance of this process. the creamy yellow-ish color is bothering me. i want to react directly and swiftly, but then i do not. been feeling a great deal like this bathroom is just simply gross. and just a bathroom. a sort of remorse and self-doubt turn into a renewed affirmation,tho. so much at play. the understanding is bigger than me and shifts in many parts. this public space that has no claims. is so roughed up and tilled, ready to be attached to with no right or wrong. experimentation teases me. so much to do.

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