Tuesday 4 May 2010

VISUAL POETRY @ EYEDRUM may 1st through may 15th


the above video in the foreground can be viewed at the link to youtube provided. video "rains hard' by nisa asokan
melissa johnston
steve dalachinsky framing one of 30 stills scrolling thru a video made by nisa asokan.
carlos m luis
nico vassilakis (pieces anachronistically displayed from his "american fossil" series
Reed Altemus (primary colored pieces on wall) in case features parts of satu kaikkonen's work on left and christian hamrick"s book on right
satu !
christian hamrick, zacc denton, and geof huth
andrew topel. this piece was used to seem as tho' it were a key to the exhibit.
nisa asokan's statement regarding the practice of burning books.
john m bennett
andy martrich
pilar martinez
ashes from burned book night of opening

geof huth from his "waxwords" series
clemente padin, caterina davinio, john moore williams, allison rentz, john m bennett, mara hernandez, reed altemus, nico vassilakis, steve dalachinsky
john lowther, melissa johnston
andrew topel on screen in background (framed by steve dalachinsky's work)


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  2. Thanks for the pictures in here,
    I wish I could have been in there....

    looks so awsome!

    (Bathroom too!)

  3. wonderful. thanks so much for posting these!

  4. Thanks for posting these!! Thanks for all your hard work on the show as well. Enjoyed it.

  5. Forgive me if I've ended up posting twice. It seems the first comment didn't go through. Thanks so much for posting these! And thanks for all your hard work on the show. I really enjoyed it.



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