Sunday 2 August 2009

blanket apple and zowie.
transient deep passion is nomadic graffiti sloppy toy boy noise with good intentions.
well red pair ants.
with addicts
space for heating and eating. and drinking.
on lines of dreams and time.talents
and hawks up claws for rent.or enter his thing.
word bombs melt friends. catch rows of emotive dents.
moaning moaning moaning. it's a bitch mans world.
make your bed to sleep init.
make you r bed to sleep in it
makeyou rbedt os leep ini t
ma ke ourbed tosle ep init.
m ake you r bed to sleepinit
mak eyou rbedt os leep init
you get it.
whats the point.
are you in it?
into it?
or wut? what the fuck ever selfish tiny tyrant sharing tangent
me me me you me me me
who you who you who you
you you
i dont know i dont care i read about this i read about that
work or be
be or work
im a work or be
perfection of a felt completeness
i seek
dont cover me tag
burn me graf art
for internet territories
for internet communities
i like my fat balding zit covered skin.

lazy white bread for teeth to rot and break.
poor me wanted thought i deserved it.
walking fast smiles alone
eventually shares

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