Wednesday 5 August 2009

Barn warped bark Larvae
in the midnight sun
Axle master Space crust
on the dark side
Vamp candor moo fumes (in toner cartridges)
over there
Lumpy owned Morse thunder food coloring
in the wet cement
Amps lung notates poor summations
on top of old smokey
Purple tire tracks through play Doh
around these here parts
Moon pewter tomb tummy teddy Ruxpin
in the end.

Carbon Mollified Bat Raton's Traveling Flesh Fairwellers had maybe seven clouds tied to their tent.
Up there,where bunny rabbits bumped cauliflower uglies.
Life drove them and nurishment was plentiful.
Their theme had been
"Leathery wings and emulsified fingering reasons for bullheaded eyelidless raspy smoker's values".
Until they were sued for copyright infringement.

"You don't have to stretch the muscle." said the Lion Tamer. He was up on a ladder feeding a large malformed aquatic creature in a clear walled tank.
The Strong Man lifted a leg while curling weights and let a loud flat sound from his ass. He shot the Lion Tamer a look that said "Shut the fuck up."

Strong Man had rancid spidering vein rot networking across his body. More than a few parts needing to be removed before infection spread. His legs were showing black fungal root patterns. It looked like a mold's epicenter was the most dense and spreading from the crotch of his red spandex. The little microscopic fingers thickened as they passed under and around unbusted leg sores and pimples.
The Strong Man would laugh with his bad breath and slip off into any and every town. No matter where he was,he'd find the dirtiest bar. And the dirtiest prostitute. And more often than not, the biggest ugliest guy to fight.
As they sat in silence,attending to their tasks under the tent,the Lizard Dwarf Twins meandered in sideways, clutching a piece of paper. They were attached at the skull and at one knee.
They had high pitched voices and one of them stuttered.
"When we passed through Gibsonton last week, we got an idea for a poem. Would you guys like to hear it?"
They didn't wait for a response. The overhead lights in the tent seemed to choose moment to flicker incessantly.
"Oh donor mutate mandibles and planets. For plants and cannibals masturbate.
Baby mashed and ransom letters masticate,sand paper bananas and traffic panties...
Oh gonad plaster cannister Tralfagar pilgrimage in winter tit mouse drips.
Press the snake piss in lullaby manure tumors, tokens of appreciation.
Only Mona
eyebrows smuggle
volume in a munchy laughter gall gumption.
Take my omnipresent love letter to sarcasm's ranch
and jerk hot sauce on monastery lawns."

They didn't really wait for a response either. The twins scuttled crab-like out the door as quickly as they had come in. The Lion Tamer and the Strong Man just looked at each other and looked back to what they were doing.
The moment was too long for the Lion Tame,tho. His watery friend,waiting impatiently for more food took action that seemed correct to it.

"Jeeeezuz Christ! OOOOH..!" Was the sudden scream,but it ended quickly.

The Strong Man jumped suddenly at the man's wailing. Turning he saw a horrible sight. The sea beast was reaching from beyond the top edge of the pool. Using its one human arm, it had taken a sincere grip on the Lion Tamer's neck.

(uugh. this is stupid.

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