Saturday 22 August 2009


i wrote a review of this show and this computer will not let me cut n paste the text for some reaon. i am presently highly annoyed.
but that is okay. the show means enough to me to write more then .
never forget:fck computers and fck blogs.
you can see the other words over at ARTLANTA BLOG anyways. they're on there somewhere.
i promise.
this show means enough to me in aways that are snowballing the more i chew on them
unlike anything else in that it isnt.. .
Is it that it Is?
What to do about that? The wrapped up bow presentation. With what inside? Shit? Life? Soil? Babies?
The necessity. The poker face. I am not an artist.
The relevance to now that I feel has to do with catching up with ourselves because we care so much about being real with ourselves. The full circle is finding a solutionm-and it has to never show its hand. Because there "is no hand" not is ...real.
On a global and local level .
These blogs - these internets- these electric wires...
They represent a phenomena, an implication that looks at a cycle of dependance
-that "art world" relys on,and ties it together with real life phenomena.
Which is sort of ironic...because real life is..well, real.
-and it is also the last hopscotch block into the painted corner.. within a corner of that corner and so on and so forth.
That is,unless you just say to hell with it and pop that zit. and walk on that paint. and just work your job,pet your dog, fret for your weight,but pick your nose.
Person -artists-gallery-critic-person-walls-outside-public-art-life-inspiration-
create-show-gallery-critic-value-context-culture-education-reaction-premonition-reflection-formation-information...pardigm..hierarchy-need-obligation-respect.develop-to share-to LOVE.
The wild west playing field of the ugly real,because it says so
because it says so.
It points at the problem (life ends with death?) while representing the problem
Relevance of Meaning
Systems collapse and make way for the new. ("oh but that has been done before")
What can art do? How can it react? But to not be art
But to be real
But to stand outside of all of that. Neutrally. Observing
But part of it.
There,s no escape. Try to become all of it now that you can-the critic as art. The critic as performance. The art as real life. The person alone/together. The person before calling themselves artist. The art as it observes other art. The art as it observes life,observes itself.
Is the answer and is the problem.
Internal dynamics based on necessary models still writhe inside,exposing a bland surface of perfectly realistically... nothing. just as it recreates itself. the process is.
...if you care about others.
like a person that wants to sacrifice and expect nothing in return...that kind of care...
go work on a soup line.

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