Thursday 29 April 2010

Characteristic Grammarisms

Hiked characteristics of a schism, insolent and wishy-washy.
They divided microphone time up with
ants covered in ankles, leg hairs black and tickled,
socks wrinkled and soaked in alcohol and xylene.

They pictured themselves in their best clothes,
radiating maple leaves and long x-rays.
For rayon salty skin,
un-delicious and beachcombers with gasoline fumes,
derision's formalities and proper grammar.

Mostly frosted flakes and spider veins, the lake wasted darkness in rumbles
worldly burnings carved frozen orbits along flat edges
and bits of plastic a storm.
safety in the earth uprooted by fallen trees, discussed and snakes and
maybe yr eyes sting.

Delicious its wet and green transparency loves the sun
networks throb silence in a million delicacy tilted
and then balanced upon agonizing self-aware a finger
fixed hair and that.

Where's whammy's ampersand's clastic, campy,
and candy waffle candor. Tantamount two
a fountain's spouse, transparent caster flax perhaps
and acid laxatives.
List them and ballasts flabbergast a guttural rump
and soporific dolorous
musty nights of sleep.

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