Monday 14 December 2009

found: Archive of Paintball Experience

the specifics to the site: Law of super-positioning gerrymandered with inclusion's autonomic beer can (sample egth>pgpt. paint.0008.5)

field recording transcribed in crayon under duress:

" kt- pasturize the myth in sequence with the stars ,marking a sensitive observation of that lost photograph of a real building. I think he's insane"

EGGTOOTH-clinical routine brain dead rote shoots of fertile organic sparks into blank canvases, which suffer the saintliness of a held open car door revealing meaning-and camera flashes of biography covers.

kt- nebulous cloud of fiction and alacrity,panic lingers with terse bladed tongues and here comes a lady with glasses and a lazy eye and shes kinda shaped like a growth covered sack of potatoes wearing a tie-die shirt.

EGGTOOTH-muddy forklifted gas pump splattered by grown up kids and weekend banter-warcraft magic but not so much less fatter,nerd-artemis closer to the earth and somehow more pure and unfetterred.

kt- not even that. she takes pictures, too -of other shambling truths, look at your own shadow-encased in plastic frozen in the air....that was pretty cool,huh? colorful painful spots and caked on caked on previous mimics of the hunt..."

Items recovered:

(1) main and rear mopar axle cleavage furrow ampersand. thing that goes through the middle of an auto.

(1) photograph. paintball player
in full gear
in mid air firing weapon
at someone
off camera.

Notes: undated.

this background seeps underneath the central part,as if it is a scattered rejected perimeter-loathesome it utters basic human truths into earthbound moist dins of discussion, influencing the river and the soil beneath the city. manifestations/recreations and expression emulate basic desires to recognize life as having mass and taking up space. land. and building on it.

these outer areas generate a truth unaware so much as to be impossible to be not what it claimed it was. who would say this that wasn't?

who would say this of themselves that was not?

nobody. (and they photograph it for fun!)

the other notion is that this hinterland is not a hinterland or maybe it the activity hinterland?paintball? i dont think but the fiction of the flooded weird upside down cars and madmax rotten gaspumps. and those big silly inflated "X"s.

(a really huge clap of thunder just scared the noodles out of me)

this was an art experience made by observation-essentially turning the writing- about the isolation of an entire segment of society as art-into a truth recorded about an art experience.
this 9one happened to take place on a psuedo-set of apocalypse or war-torn societal decay used to not only fight but ...paint.

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