Sunday 20 December 2009

Francesco, Katie Herzog.

This is Where I grew Up 2007 by Sarah Cromarty. Image taken from

As well as Sarah Cromarty,whose approach to clastically ordering the erratic nature of info gathering, identity, and pretending to pretend to be making art has cultivated and andromada walker portmanteau geneva various needs determine in a for instance case, of a scraping away of textured layers that have been painted onna phaotgraoph that has been collaged and cut and reassembledd and revisited until dynamics is achieved in Forced Associations along with stunning visual techniques that radiate a pure brightness as if to seem unnatatural,and then humbles itzelf with another intersection-our history from media,our commercial and liesure desires and the baby bunny with light blue cloudy tufts snuggles wuzzy noses with the winkie pants our history culturally on prozac and caffeine.
Facetiousness would override attachment's inriguing manker celeste barnacled monocle investigations into deeper meanings and modern implications of our collective state of mind. It's all over the place. Cromarty's sentiment gets rocker college gothy headphone humor often but look at 2007's work and theres something then in particular,but the rainbows and the shark oh my what moments like a fresh sip on hot delicious expensive coffee on a saturday morning.
Like the librariana series from Katie Herzog, which for the way i experienced it as a suburban naive crude autodidactic,erudite in the ways of oblivious tenacity, enjoyed the child-like rendering and this strange disjunctive recurring theme done so warmly and with a genuine quality to its ruddiness, narratives quietly surreal seem muddied by a time elapse and a further treatment of even that as an object from the past,now framed by a perspective that indicates graphic design layering of incongruent textures from technologogically developed timeframes-all brought to a surface as a single thing in this moment that is looked at and it seems kinda weird and folksie robin hood bird eggs the river and donkey call girls whirl the gig pigmented laconic will cotton candy....mandarin portal bereaved in deathly Gabbiani glitter snippets for eddie's tear.

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