Sunday 20 December 2009

Greg Hopkins, Hilary Pecis...

The Eye Him Hates He Eye Are His Pee Hey Are Tea Why
64" x 48"
acrylic on canvas

There goes another starry night 70's scifi friz fee linger kitsch beginning for musty funny environmental sentiment, the beginning is underneath and gets the usual treatment apparently. playing with all the elements at once they do now, look at greg hopkins wallpaper designs painted to seem like dashed deliberate rebelliousness relieved an impossible underpattern-like a graphic design error that can be undone at the click of a button marching in the mud until toes rot, the effect is one of a question of presence and positioning of perspectible tentacles. Forced Associations laminate the entire package into one time frame and sometimes twenty states of mind.
Underneat Art comes from somewhere in order to be so neat. Invested in the soil and just a sense of who and what, the involvement doesnt feel like it is there.
Hilary Pecis work has the elements as described by maybe others but the cumulative result is of a 9th graders pre-algebra notebook cover. The complexity is there and balance dopes teeter in intricate attentive ways,but the soul of her choices and her personality come thru ina highly unpersonalized common language so specific to inside cyndi laupers purse or tattooed the backside of maxheadrooms skull is bejewelled checker patterns.
I have a friend who know the owner of redlight cafe(she's very close w jeff calder-did u ever know him?) -but anyways-some years ago and with regularity,she wld hook me up with opps to show art in redlight,which is cool.
well, about a week ago,she lines me up with my first opp there in ,god-probably 6 years. to be honest, i have not been aggressive in a long time about trying to show any of my visual art-but this is about my redlight exp: while im in there hanging new collages a guy commented on my use of exposed screws(he was actually watching me screw a warped piece directly to the wall) and i blathered unprepared about kinda liking the rough n tumble brute truth of it. but then later realized that like my nickname/project (eggtooth)-i dont know why RAM didnt access my affinity for being about the process,exposed and honest and ugly if necessary to show how it was done... part of me just feels lazy maybe but then i think no this is me dammit...
anyways...ive been looking online at art a good bit lately. seeing lots of collage work out there that combines awarenesses of many areas of art history into one-some are very fun in what thy do to memories and associations all at once altho-along with amazing techniques...theres so many approaches but all compartmentalize specifics as a unity, as a desire to catch -up and be ahead and be reflective..some are more painterly about it, some show more of the computer design awareness,some use a 17th century technique as an overall mood..i dunno.i just thought itd be interesting to try and play the cards as close to what i consider "real" as possible. to life-the thing that comes before art. so i put personal stuff on my square 2d piece. made it boring and awkward,but made it where the viewer knew this. maybe too well.
the outbox was about it looking like an outhouse to me (accidently,mind you-i just knew i wanted to screw 4 painting together to make a box-it turned into a comment on my internet habits. i can be kinda like what that piece says. it also to me parallels the process of regurgitating the self and reinventing the self -all on the outside for all to see,the process of becoming an artist as this idea of myself seeing my idea of the city watches...its kinda awkward- like that piece.

i like that yr into jazz. i had a friend always exposing me to some freaky skronky stuff. it became a din that was like a meditative practice sometimes.

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