Thursday 4 June 2009

CONGLOMERATE of not wanting to call this poetry

THIS IS A POEM bored doorway for the mourning curry sitting in my room,not my house today in stone mountain
salivates. Challey saxxon tander sam-ples a wall-eyed beep beep,for choos-ed the lion calibrated family pants -izzard's Lay lay penny cans to staple fabricated barstard sturgeon germinal
wheel. A cokey lopse sided aftermath cannon berry parson simple marinates bubbles in summer cum bunny perculiarly. Weary from push-ups and climbing stone mountain,im tired of baked chicken
Is in Calhoun in an attic,is in a cubicle in a Blue Building.

barmaid window the kitsch laughter asp-i found two roaches in the dark of my kitchen
but,the lovely spitter spat tonal alex-water by the gallon,i distrust the tap but drink it
and her challenge for wigwams answering my sore throat in the mornings,before delivering sign supplies to athens,ga
eliminate apathy the alligator amber ax-tucker tacoma truck my buddy,ryan is moving to austin-THIS WILL BE A NIGHT TO REMEBER...said a dyslexic
misting mono foe tropes balloons to doo-comfy shoes with too white socks for nerd's comfort
dufus marry oh sister sister hopper blue
wraps around my pumping dreaming reason

gallant gar rockard dot path the stupid
south pouts a panhandle flourish ju ju zoe
sour zombie pachinko xerox caustic adhesive
relevant ignorance yearns through the internet-kernel of corn not eaten i dont eat fried food much anymore

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