Saturday 20 June 2009


There's a new kind of honesty afoot. Pilgrimages and wall leanings greet us with apathy in the summer heat talks. Charged with a sexuality,an agenda and an introduction. Patience smiles and manipulates or educates. Intentions stain the rug with coffee rings,lies so convincing because the liar is himself convinced.

This is the same stuff from I don't know when before. But here: let me dictate a theme for artists to work with-i am the indirect curator-the critic. Curious city situation makes smooth for butter the minor ignorant hitches to financial freedom.

A smile and a gesture,the knives erect. Patience manipulates.

Aloof river of knowledge absorbs while soothsaying nothing. Later the trail blazes a quality that strives endearingly in a non-threatening mosquito-like manner. The streets down further turn and twist,teaming with unknown pockets of the many.

Polite license and silly cinders seduce sinister soubrettes into signing up for solopsismic syllabuses. I hurt myself trying to write that,came around and tripped over the thick pretentious markings....nothing ever changes and gimmicks are just personalities.

Leaflets disease flips both sides thru the air,submitting and commanding as it turns into a television set in every home. it plods on in motion,the strange itch it has planted has raised its cost to sickening but healthy extremes.

Baby faced lies. Time steps plates up to people sometimes. Paranoia digs a hole.

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