Wednesday 17 June 2009

emo bing blong pee pee

Shore ewe dew poopy!
Sew zoned in anthropomorphism's candy pants.
Take a tranny candle and suck the wolf!
Sharpie barf and callouses on bowling bald doorstop muffins!

Answer pandactyl thyroidish.
Like the systemic dendrites polydental blue pen.
Aunt's in my pants, baby fingerprints in never ranch dressing fattens
handsom and regrettable. Vault canoe of pink.

Stupid pus lunchbox possum a cross stitch
and ewe lip oh shore dew poopy.

Saw turning aaagh!! Wag Bono's panties at Bugle Boy jovial custodians.
Ticket stubs bump mustard,then.

Shooby doobie in the screwed up grown-up volcano flesh turd.
Answer me jammit,the red button dumpster dandy daddy ash master.
Salivate angst's tarbaby on spiggot goo logs.


  1. artbaby tar:

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    ( goo logos )

  2. this one goes out to coffee that evil hummingbirds would drink before going to war:

    swinging banners and thin screaming streamers between beaks! linked fingers and sinuous knuckles crunch grease monkey slob smarts for sunrise
    and exploration.
    partitions in the thoughts compartment
    is not to
    get her. a bumble bee spelling freely
    happily it goes troylloyd



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