Tuesday 23 June 2009


Lettuce spay hour fat her
who oar tin heave in gibbous
diss dada your dead bird

Punky candle possums asthmandibles
tote pony gagged coffee escapes

Gritty candle punked the possum coffee,
gagged the pinion mandibles for sadville asthma mt.

Coffee barbs n lipstick maces,
anti eventualities begin with german totes
Punchy hurted, the coffee saltworks a balloon
for chew net escapes
I'm sad in the drive-thru

Hermes perm spurns Hoboken lotion testaments
to everyone's harpy mosque watchdog

The hated pancake awakends heaven's gristle lips- furry fury on a foot like a cow,perculator.

Eat coffins lightning teething
feral paranoia sweats battery acid

Critical monster conjunction song barn
parfait's rebirth is written

Key key leak in crack apogee attractive antagonistic acupuncture barracuda abracadabra barnacle ballistic barricade
If someone suddenly held a gun to your head and said,"Tell me a joke...now!" What joke wld u tell?

Pinkie phat banter's funky werewolf cotton
pinback touching turtle headed boot
scootin' barking shriner

Puma knuckles last black hours
in mumbled larvae coloured garamond buckle crunk filets.
Regime jello develop opposed and pointy vessels of skeletal moog pewter kangaroo boobs
Bela la' loofa's exterminator pansies unfold the sexy jet pack
with an acid washed genie

Bastard mustard bass fission boom boom pub lick.
In a me clique cricket, sky on pry a puss retard.

Termite nads or robot clops
sigh bored sheepskin condom leakage stinkies for Hegel.

Supple plunk junkie.Baffle waffle offal lobster.
In the afro-city, polly see due ki change.

Knee capsized BARN nanners bonanza panties,
and mashed poor potentate toes, the towheaded conan co-bear
bee in reek port man toes.

On top of. It again

Troubled agendas masticate the sinuous and elementary combinations,
flavoring anacin's flagellanish
kool-aid baby-faced party scam.
Smiles are just like two snowflakes.

She-ra had hip surgery.
Writing sires popular sewing myscenes

I just caught a tiger by the toe! It is sooooo cute in memory of Cliff Burton.

jayglow below.

Saving grok for sour pants under cool side I can't get the word up

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i was that guy in the corner with the porkpie hat, remember?

    i said hello, but you ignored me.

    i am that gummy punk monkey bangin away typewriter topside & my margins are unlimited.

    i began collecting traits of actualities essence.

    i scrawl under open lids pillow'd too thick for lids to flip.

    i am the looking glass & i am looking back at you, our heads is the rabbit hole.

    i bliss on nibtips to paper speedball inkish not so noir yet nonetheless shadowy.

    i don't cap I because i like big tittles.

    i am the blank page awaiting.

    i can't crush clouds cause ain't nothin can crush clouds, water on waves thrown to poles.

    i flesh the texts on timetables overturned from beat to beat the biggest muscle is more than a muscle.

  3. I can crush clouds cuz aint nuthin can crush clouds.
    (Please turn over your test paper and step out to the right. Drive around for your number please.)
    (assuming a great deal) About You-Disease apples can keep
    at bay
    weigh ripped up documentas syphon silver street scenes.
    -Typhoon bannister sordid out the golden spider bite.
    1.Platinum : balloons toothpaste skrevs warm inspiration in a hot northern attic.

    (Krank donner lucas landis wear wolf copper wonka michael j ordinary quitter sons in my sun
    at walmart's
    dog pants.)

    par don key oh tay! cap it you late.( oh great.)
    sissy fuss. coco puffs. a forest is "always the same".
    and of course:

    Athucra Min Cios: slalom barf a kraken poptart!



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