Wednesday 17 June 2009

i-mash in nations

Your war cum.

Pier 1 Imports. It is soccer. It is soccer.
I have a sweet tooth
Marbelized walrus army on Laugh-In coffin knows a rainy tumor joggers delight,with wight grueling muses pooting farmboys

Lumber gagging bunny rapture's answering machine-like interstate endoscopy-or a cliffnote grinder maggot nipple

Grover's trope,a meme mote so bloated purple and funny, co-lost on me- genius hair tire's acerbic vomitorium
Bottlebee Marmutt raked grey hambuns in ragged glass-like convolescent urges, per fermented stinty clean yeast infected wasp lost marble...
Soubrette us soup rise, Per Hawiian voodoo state route Sandal would, ballast robot water . Of . to walk back down

My bosses grandaddy wuz a forklift annie dipped,too.

Bolton Rd graf: for every jesus there must be a judas.Shurug

Chraughick Tryelle:smiles to-get-her ,Assumes someone: a niece's subtle seance sends nonchalant nuances- in Therift Stores

failure is the goal of conceptual writing about an hour ago
recolombine- 4ent PENTAGRAM supple mustard between flowers for cannons
Ben I'm conceptual at whitney so kiss my unicorn dick

Bugeye freon tea!!! Ownly buy yourcelf

S t a r b o a r d w o m e n f I n g e r s

Ours is a prolonged pinnacle,a sum of All,registering nothing, totally waiting to become the past,important chaos lacking contrast, root .

Afrozen Scittori

Dunot De'Liver Delicut Stough

Trancemission airies ministriseries



Tandy man you fact chore poor chemtrailed bacchus the bigfoot

Chew bach the cross tops a poppy coffin

Sonar parthenon tomboy source or sour soar,the sonorous add annoyed smells.
Partition ripples/b'tween deep.Feel the Crackin'.
Languid language. I'll listen malign,allies incognito.
The sponge wishes, the church staples, drain wet tape.
Change gold eyes.
Dutiful spoon fed,blue sky i think, topiary rote the snooze button,on pink clouds.

buttercup flouride quotidian punisher resists. Passable phalanx can it stir blow up buttercup?

Sanguine arsenals float four words, laughable chamber, chatterful manimal, ripped of his arm through the cage.
Linky stink the pooble answered candid paulif for christ's sake. Chew the noose

Possibly aqueous oxymorons toggle wallets and goggles. In warehouse hotbox cardboard rotten thoughts,that is.

Selective and personable,adjunct totalities tremble in a rather galiant resemblance to metnarrative-like epitaphs.

The cyclic chambered alphabet, enslaved to the numeric agency,has unencumbered a testimony of roman numerals as poetry.

Drunkin anarchic bugs bunny bullshit delight. To go,please.
Will Cotton's paintings are pretty darn...yummy.

Charitable & Pucker,and Tantamount At-At at the Bananas. Wall-eyed and Panzer Fastidious Lips,Carmelized the Panama Canal Zone. Wah she choo.

realizing Christian Bok might be my hero
Shirts are a commitment

I've been closing the gap, life,making art, disguised as an idiot- as a performance - now I can't recall when I started.

Du mogelst

After 500 yards,stay on the left lane.Turn right. Turn right.

Got a washing my sheen

There are suspicious people following me.

I drive market values down
Fine. I quit.
Massive acts by trembling men have historical tentacles.

Tear uh Tear duck Firma pay per Icon do it do we I Flew over and thru. Know you can from web. Medicated Heavysun.wrap without eyelids:dreA.M
Moon soaked cellophane drips documenta ellipses in the poppy rotten birth

Tony Hawk has never had an orgasm.

The subterfuge of antiquity bathes the rage of a lost portal's ambivalence

I think the sky is blue today

Dryer wives than Isis reclined in pantomimes,portmanteaus,viruses and red meat.

Poetry is never to be discovered recordings of silent film stars normal speaking voices

Sipping minutes on par's succinct laps of coffee paced thoughts.Lined up.
I done seen a dead armadillo on 78 where it goes an turns into memorial drive. it's true. Running sunny sink water and fingernails thru the day's purpose. Thru the hairy mediocre love that thins in Atlanta.

1 comment:

  1. ah,thanx for posting this.

    i will leave a comment in the form of a poemÖ

    how to make something not art:
    read redbutton hollowbody blues
    like exile on mangle street
    how to make something not art:
    picture this as perfect then add thinner
    strokes to fatten playing field
    how to make something not art:
    essay on neoexpressionist in visceral
    keyword like raw immediacy
    how to make something not art:
    flip a switch until it hits a head
    if off is on or wattage blown
    how to make something not art:
    life today is like a calculator
    missing any numbers unsummed
    how to make something not art:
    get with the unknown unicorn
    & pierce thru singularities
    how to make something not art:
    wheatpaste recipe plus the walls
    upon poster rolls a wrinkle
    how to make something not art:
    attack the encyclopedia with scissors
    sharpened beyond any angular page
    how to make something not art:
    let the ghost go gathering
    how to make something not art:
    give the blog a boner



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