Saturday 12 September 2009

ATLANTA ART CRAZED INTO Apathetic Importance: or who is it for?

AS MANY STARS AS BLOGS...Congestion and the tingle deep in the passage,it goes astray and dangles there. A thought. ugly and yours. significant.
Sometimes a measure is a distinct line,ultimately unflexable,ultimately solidified in a respectful consistant resolve. allowed within that judgment is something of a built in feature, a grandfather thought-one that in itself is its own "ultimately".
It cannot deny or help but embrace and allow for acceptance and permissability.
In doing this,a door thrown open-it was finally achieved and permeated as a thought and an intent and concept. until even it itself----dissipates and blends in.accepted and leveled out.

(you cant make somebody care.
or can you?)

what does money mean and which comes first?
what are modern implications about being responsive-with or without knowledge of that which came before you?

(accessibility to information & electric conversations connected to information accesible to people to art to artists
a line becomes drawn around a perimeter, a gerrymandering morphing blob that consumes all at the thought-stretching it to a thin line like a horizon that was finally actually walked into- that is only definable by something that walks directly on it,trying to imagine itself smearing and widening that very some cases flirting with what has now clearly become
one side or the other.
under this influence and through these eyes,ever curious to be precognotive or prophetic or perhaps a mirror of these times....
these times
who belongs to these?
this perspective is frm a soldified place. itis insigniifcant in what has now become one of many. as many stars as blogs. as lonely important individuals behind them

context and value.

a traditional manner of displaying art..of declaring..this is where art is being shown. to go and see it with preconceived reasons for why you are consciously putting on this awareness. this reason
all are good reasons. complicated to some or not,but simple and taken to whatever personallimit desired.
but practicalites to maintaining this ability to experience.

beautiful work but why?

confess you feel that your show is valuable and you have your own loving reasons why you do it and who it is for. why you show. not why you create.
(that is a different fundamental.)

you are all included.
atlanta's is a particular situation
as part of the concept indirectly constructed around your experience
it is not a global or local one,truth be told.but the measure that holds up to all
reveals a condition that -when honestly held against
it asks for not just more
but a heart wrenching human salty sweaty word
taste of being pushed to a sensation impossible to bond but all feel and yearn to connect
it asks for this kind of more.

it would respectful for you say that you are aware that
what you show
is not

and in doing so confess so as to validate some scratch of your existence
to perhaps save some face
so that maybe if your importance would be actually realized
it would create an environment for you
to prosper as you innocently and obviously of well intentions
seek to survive
and mean something.

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