Saturday 19 September 2009

I HATE ART i love people

i hate the word. and the human between it. the condition that i must address even now is loving and motivated by need. indeed it has been the 21st century for some time now has it not?
and still here we erradicate the teeth in art,we package kids into pockets of themselves to whirlpool and marinate in tradition and mockery of meaning.
diseased weakness disguised as pure strength and

logos and published without typos.
fuck your cleanliness and what you have to do for your immediate idea of raping hear and now for some supposed noble cause. supposed positivity. supposed respect and education.
who will ready you today
is your today-ness. your grave will go unmarked. thoughtless. and sold.

ive seen the bookshelves with their centerplanks bowed from ...wait...we wait and we die..and their pages well worn from love-stymied by a body, a flesh of preconceived senses of self-ive seen nothing and wondered at its purity,the planting of a pure idea into that nothing
ive seen a city with blocks and grids
&templates that require being filled out
-of what art in the now has to do-it has to not be seen,to be grafted to itself even with machines
especially with machines
machines and wires mimic and distract us like faxes, windshield wipers or texting while driving...seeing art while on-line, seeing art while dualities of what is real,what is stamped with approval exude a mediocre gummy oozy swinging dollar sign

important issue castrated . it's another kind of castration
one castrates by being relevant and leaving a mark for the future.
the other castrates the future by being somebody's safe acceptable idea of now.

reality closes a gap on itself with a new duty to eat itself. the goal's vehicle is to find its own tail and start levitating,chewing and vomiting...and crying and smiling.

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