Saturday 19 September 2009

what the heck

is what and why the lingering distraction wont settle the desire to be alone and just think or delay and saturate,collect thoughts and regurgitate.
what the heck

is spontaneous and what is meaning implicated and safety -is there a direct route to saying something or is it all about being cute & marketable
what the heck

is this too ambiguous for you or even me,trained and framed to present to you? it isnt. i know.
to reach an audience -like somethng caught in the earths gravitational friction
it explodes when it hits sometimes,but not usually. thank goodness...transformed and eroded by a safe necessity.

globular malnourished wisdom with techniques and tattooes. proper ways of being inconsistant and accepting dont exist,in order to get your message across

coalesced in the now,to the moment-the very symptom of now embedded inthe need to be,the need to do things a certain way-in response to itself and hiding its hand and being not huble because that implies a sortof self serving self awareness but actually real-no hand to hide

but exposure. reaching.
meaning anymore.
the old vehicle appears to work but only to a certainend anymore.
theres no choice and who makes that only choice
people i will never see.
just like it shld be
the delayed message like thousands of years ago travel
by the future.
by lore that reached generations later of what happened now...travelled still by the flesh
not instant wires.

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