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i went to see the undercover show at spelman and felt like it was a nice presentation of an archive of images. its range bared a single ,if not very generalized theme of the disguising of identity-as it relates to african-american women-and how. and why.
an interesting aspect pointed out to me by a fellow patron,was the distinction of decades. both of us being children of the 80's found ourselves drawn to recognizing works from that time period.
i must confess to feeling as though the show,and its theme,were not explored to a full extent. perhaps it would be even more accurate to say that the show did not really exactly explore a theme so much as loosely use it.they served a different purpose,and in doing so ,did itself a disservice. It revealed where it could have been very real and perhaps even angering,where it could have been touching ,saddening,but instead-mostly- it was beautiful. it was about being an idea of an art show.
while everyone in life "disguises" themselves,one could observe this takes place from minute to minute,changing ever so slightly if not in extremes,by each isolated or individual encounter we have.this certainly respects that some individuals are born with a hefty and more complex version of this same basic human necessity. it is,what could be described as -unfair.profoundly unfair,or even "evil"- to humans with ideals and dreams and even a touch of spiritual sense about them. the belief that we as humans can evolve beyond and actually eradicate certain traits. acceptance...
in this show acceptance is not being strived for-it acquiesces to an idea of presenting someone's idea of art. i am somewhat hesistant to say this because of fear. not fear in an awareness of the dangers of say, putting my hand in fire or a malnourished lion's cage,but fear that is another kind of respectful. I really want to emphasize the honesty and respect in this comes from expectations and a kind of patience that is direct.
direct to fear because i love. i must turn that fear into something else and in doing so-the respect grows. i respect this show for some fundamental human purposes. it serves the job of historical interest.
various works in the show were beautiful. some of them were images that for so long have been part of the language of fashion and advertising as to be able to do nothing much beyond trigger that association. this show seemed to be more about representing an examination of changes over specific decades. The proposed theme was there,but what seemed to come to the forefront was artistic styles and techniques. Styles of photography, diligent detailed drawings,painting,film,clothing-there were many amazing things in this show,true. it takes several long moments to soak in. many works were by widely recognized names.
this educational aspect,that itself can easily create a wonderful image.
my supreme ideal
is fascination
in the inspiration
of a future mind. accepting that this here now,within a realm of art-can reach beyond that into life.
with all this being said,this show is worth going to and taking each piece on an individual basis.

the unscratched itch has its origin in a service that art can surely provide,tho. It can incite and be relevant in a generalized sense of the word "curation". in that curation,the challenge,especially given the importance of the theme,would be to emotionally engage what would hopefully be
the entire city.and maybe even the country.
experiences(art experiences)---in order to affect social change,wouldnt they need-or by uninhibited sheer passion be incapable of not striving- to saturate and mark memories- sometimes realizations should be embraced. and those realizations recignize what must be done on its terms not others. to do the latter infact not only negates-but threatens to make mockery of the entire purpose.
this show doesnt do that. its quality on an indivdual basis rule sitself. the duty is on the viewer to find the challenge. the viewer must come to this one because nothing of it is going to come to you.

it is an historical show. it is a presentation of "art". and it will come and it will go. in atlanta.

in other news..i still havent made it to whitespaces latest sarah emerson and..some other
ive seen i mages and it looks pretty. like some large energy rippling pieces and flavorful charactered sculptures sprouting up and about..anyone have any opinions?

oh! i saw an advert for a gallery that has done nothing but reinforce certain mediocre expectations-has in fact pin-pricked a glimmer of interest. emily amy has a collage show up
i have to wonder. im not holding my breath...but by golly i might just have to dip in and have a see.

i heard steve dixey sold well at beep beep . so thats good. the pieces he does are stunning with a robert williams reminiscent/level of technique. i havent been to this particular presentation of his work yet.....i bet they look neat as heck,tho.

i wish kibbee gallery were open on days other than opening & closing..i missed the golden blizzard thing.i suppose i could have put forth the effort to go see it,i was aware of it taking place, i just decided to watch dvd's instead. i am basically familiar with this groups works. i bet they were extremely neat. now that i think on it, i think they shld openly Publicly Show a taken cue from/for/with paper twins....
speaking of pt-saw another balls out juse movement-air dangling loose spray on side of green bridge high over 2o--just before lowery coming towards 75 junction web etc...
so much graff openly happening now-but honestly most ofit is like a collective afterthought. like it fills expectations. yawn. and then some even put their phone number and contact info and -uuugh. is the internet the only place to do graff now?

im reading scorch atlas by blake butler.i just got it in the mail from featherproof press. jesus but christ did it take FOREVER to show up. but i am glad it did. butler's random flow of energy,the braiding of disparate distinct fleshed out ideas into one forward moving coalesced powerful thought is a freaky toe-tickling ride. hes serving up quick punches in this one and they are amazing,kinda grody and gritty and drag grey claws across yr gut.but great. im in inspired & in admiration at how adeptly he grafts fascinating separate skull-found sentences of such saturated specific flavor-how they dont make fucking sense in such a perfect way. he effs with expectations while having a dark sense of humor about it.

what else what else what else. sure there's lots else....somebody flesh me out. adendummy.

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