Tuesday 15 September 2009

Sojourner Worthington

Kelvin Well sing eye inn gee bow queried loose keys.
In fattable lather amongst browned 70's shack drabs
with wide form
& indie ukulele spork.

Saturday mannered very fungus locust boners
and bonanza. Hearken alarms and yellow blinds.
Calculus guffawed
sparing elevatored deadhead kudzu.
Thought bubbles
in awkward blocks that dropped and sloughed.

For instance:
Succinctly sips Perceval &
wishes wet cinders of citrus.
-so slow and susceptible they subsist
Thyroid lakes
it salivates a cyst,
it's slavish lavish,
slumbers spar panty teabags.
Slender sanguine and bovine.

& sin stirs sister's sinister silo of siccatives
& sycophants. Meal swine mean wily so adorable
you sew and sew.
Solipsism's somnambulist suck succubus's Socratic
bus sized breasts.

Mow ring awning tube an odor story tropic.
Belfry larynx cabalistic toe roach and protozoa.
The pundit informed morons black fungus.

Chain dowry flour portal temple square.
Floppy eared snobbery wriggles
curled upsie daisy
pink nibble

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