Thursday 8 April 2010

cheery... oh.

community. i'm all for idealistic, for realizations about fundamentals. what it truly means to get involved in your community. be yourself. express yourself.
serve others,think of others. and what you can do. examples like chris filling in potholes story. children's art walks. community and culture.
notions of falseness with regards to commercialism. presuming a goal towards a command of respect and value in a high society or historical marker sense of accomplishment,evolution etc....
the usefulness of art.
two separate overlapping ways that art can be "bigger'.
disconnect in community.
lack of earnest feeling in art in galleries.
art is bigger than galleries. trends into
public space
which is first?....both point to same direction but for different reasons.
the real. life itself . actually caring. to effect social change.
as if before art. or so connected that you and your art are one as it overlapps with anothers oneness and so on and so forth.
or bullshit.
public space.
community and sense of self.
as defined by what? "im for the good of the community"-okay....that statement says more to question who you are as a person than anything else.
education and community defined by what feels like a government funded 8th grade health book.
fundamentals are always nice,they can never be forgotten.
they are pure and need to be visible as much as participated in.
we do challenge on another in healthy ways. and always have.
applied expectations
at some point.
relevance of in the flesh community is good in reaction to so much life taking place in the internet. the public space.
the bathroom.
a bathroom in an art community's corner. revealing a sort of honest ugly truth. bare and without expectations. there is no wrong. a private place for personal experience. your moment to be quick with.
in some cases, to express the self like one normally does not have the a way of perceiving the self in a moment that is transitory. is ugly and ridiculous. is nobody's. (well..the property is owned by somebody)
but the experience. the public environment created is like the blog's comment section. with built in anonymity protection.
from this place sprouts
want her.
alchemy and 4th dimensional shadows cast.
spiritual awareness.
the Norwegian boheme.
sweet auburn and the 4th ward
real dental insurance.

be ourselves w each other. shared. expectations become established. the unframed freedom to experience something and perhaps even feel involved.that connection between art n life. (makes me think of krog street tunnel’s bathroom and comment sections on art blogs.)
public space awareness as a way of being and then taking a sense of awareness to a removed place, art. so that it can reach back in. chasing itself in a circle.
only aware of tail.
or as a dynamic sphere.
reminds me 404ekopus’s idealism.
and an 8th grade health book.
and beuys planting trees.

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