Monday 26 April 2010

Striving in the South (to dethrone the Genius of Rot)

photos taken by john otte
words significantly inspired by him as well.

just friendly enough to let you punch it.
dynamics keep push n pull alive as they rest
over and over. back for more.
eviscerate while feeding a fancy meal.
honoring it by turning it inside out,
as a custodian he says,
as we would wish to free it from its death, its loss of meaning, he says,
in museums-where reasons have long since disconnected themselves.
honor by gutting. make something happen.
trashed while kept in immaculate working order. efficient at what it does.
but never claiming, always in flux, as necessity as it
really pulled it out of itself, its own natural state, and showed it to itself.

Like how certain outside elements were introduced-made to make eye
contact w each other,to recognize their shared basic elements. The
"evolved" meets its maker
I don't think maker is sentient tho. Just is.
Speaks to beginnings and ends that dissolve or fuzz edges into
everything. Including the human experience that discovers it.
guest plus host equals ghost, he said
what i dont know about as much as what i do know about

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