Saturday 25 July 2009


a crummy drawing/picture i did because a friend had me sitting still with pens and other paints and papers in front of me. we tried to watch a zombie movie called "otto"...but it was ..uuum. not very good.

the text above the drawing was from trying something out. i wrote the word: HELLO.
then i spelled the sound of the letter out phoenetically in spelling the word HELLO.

so i got something like this the first go at "hello"

aych ee elle elle oh.

i then applied the same rule to that sentence. (is this some ouilpo constraint type stuff,or what? i'm sure it's been done before...of course,but i suppose the fun in it is each person's different phoenetic idea of the sound of saying a letter. then spelling that.

so after i wrote :aych ee elle elle oh...i applied the same rule to that-....only if you look at the picture..i screwed it up!

i think it should be:
aye why see aych ee ee ee elle elle ee elle elle ee oh aych it again.
aye why ee double you aych why es ee ee aye why see aych ee ee ee ee ee ee ee elle elle ee ee elle elle ee ee ee ee elle elle ee ee elle elle ee ee ee oh aych aye why see aych...
i think thats check it,but it should keep going forever, of course.

the next picture below is a detail from an image by will showing in a gallery in Atlanta called emily amy gallery.
the group show consisted of a seemingly random sampling of what were described as emerging and local artists.
it got lots of coverage.
that was a problem.
i wish i could honestly say, "im not sure why".
this kind of thing happens in Atlanta a great deal.
it's a kind of unfortunate cycle.
i dream of a way to break the cycle.
it can be done.
i would like to see many atlanta galleries blend into and find success invisibly in an environment of important art.
local writers need to become critics and define that environment- by either clearly compartmentalizing this common calibre of coverage away from other more important works-or simply ignoring them.

the next two images are of art stuck on the side of a dumpster and art done all over a garbage can.

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