Thursday 30 July 2009

रीडर grease

Throat pony gallops towards politics and unemployment.
The weighted knee bent in submission,scuffed and without effort
emotive denial of a goal,wanting admiration to guffaw.
Salad daze no more a church going child sliced by humanity
languid babble into the mountains, a sour apple and bag of maple leaves.

Dancing spoo moaning chlorine pinky hydroxy clobber cobblestone.
Attention to purity and an ache elsewhere. Tantrums panic the last
answer into a wishbone,a dog leg, a horse shoe, Mr. caughtie aire.

Flavored meandering clowns soften the madness in
pages of books blurred and glued together.
Infinite mosquito christmas mold unravels a tumbling octopus.
Sanitary chapped rocking chair splinter
and the cold hummingbird.
Pay broken splints and shims for oil changes.
I'm not running for president
I'm running for Priest- a studied desire until rabies night.

Confounded mandibles chamber up a magazine racket
no balls. Anger gnaws and insists with a smile.
Dribble rips letters and sends them electric kisses.
Lay back and forget and plow forth the sun burns the crops.
The bugs type red marks on the face of it all.
The health insurance lingo blur,the hatred dejects with necessity.

Sleeping: angst yellow coats and angled wires of phlegm.
Boisterous loch like drudge and army police on the skull of blankets.
Sympathy delivered on successful moth flames,a sinister double joint.
He stabbed himself in the back.

Friends play conversation in the air. Sick defy lie bare's eons of truths
Tooth's poop. Luminous candy graveyard. And mountain lions for cartoons.
Balanced wicker ship in the pacific cringes for old photographs.
Leg hurts in the down below clinking chains of a short life.
A lollipop monster fireman poster before dinner time.
A shelf for trophies and disease.
Happy smells of the ocean breathing all night. Gone from
rotting bottoms in family huts for cumbersome damaged passive
lumbering stumbled clod hopping shamble pants stagger trip and slump.

Show me apathy.

...timer slogs up. then down..a slow build and internal tension,then release.
and again.forward emotion.looks backwards.
hairy swing (and credit cards.)
burp baby burp. lap dance.
five dollars...

Polar bears in the winter.wear sticky glasses.
crumbs on the floor. punched in late. fill it to the rim.
crooked as a dog's dick. a santa claus soap dispenser.
broken tooth peace. bent mexico.

alone tonal bathrobe coasts thru a choo choo and blues news for tremors
cannisters of answers and mammograms. the planet tilts in sequence and sequins.
applicades bannisters and barn yard worms for scoliosis. throw up gloss and wallpaper removal in a coal miners shovel for three toed movie stars.

point less.
pray more.

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