Tuesday 7 July 2009


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  3. Sometimes,ever since i was a kid-if somebody were to walk up and help me with something,give me kind instructions or ..i dont know..in just being nice to me,as i stood and watched...i would sometimes get this weird feeling on the back of my neck- and on the skin of my skull,and it would shiver down my spine. kind of a ticklish chill that comforts and is unnerving in its tingle all at once. i've never spoken or written of this until now. i've always been vaguely ashamed by it and i don't know why. mayb ethe moment just seemed to tender.and im a guy and guys arent even supposed to use the word tender..unless it has to do with all the money they earn,i guess.
    but the words to that song...i dont recall the last time i go the feeling i just described...but it gave it to me.
    not sure why.
    life is weird these days. strained. i feel my feelings pushed thru the skin and out of my eyes and pores,creeping across my body like a whole consuming breath-ready to go any direction.
    i guess we all feel this way sometimes.



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