Tuesday 28 July 2009


To be displayed at North Dekalb Mall
(Guerilla style)
Eggtooth channels the dead King of Pop.
Direct transfers of his perspective on puppies using only crayons and
notebook paper.

Show opens this week. Unspecified date or running time.

The artist known as Eggtooth became a conduit for the soul of Michael Jackson - and channeled what appear to be the dead King of Pop's pure child-like intentions. Anonymous reports indicate a playful mood filled the air as the crayon drawings took place.

"It seemed happy,innocent,and without point",said Eggtooth. The suggestion at this time was that this session of puppy image creation held the same regard for purpose and pleasure as any child would for a time spent drawing.

The artist,visibly exhausted by the 2 hour long spiritual transference, conceded with an excited and wary eye that, "there would be more to come". He still intends to randomly display the works at North Dekalb Mall in Decatur,Georgia.

When asked if he would be able to speak as Michael,receive questions,he firmly declined this opportunity. Eggtooth stated with an almost grave hostility that this time was going to be for Michael.

Presently no interpretation of the pieces is available. Michael is said to have created 9 pieces,allowing 7 of them to be made available for preview via Eggtooth's blog.
With no analysis or critical examination presently conducted, curiousity is expected to mount.

What could The King of Pop be trying to tell us?

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