Thursday 16 July 2009

൬ ട്രടിറേനാല്‍ കിസ്സെസ്....

traditional kisses
a traditional poem
inspired from traditonal united states
county highschool systems

in a blissful in a mixture,sweat and breath and then i kissed her
telling heat the smell so sweet,a must an urge a purge between-
between two kisses three ellipses,in my mistress a rigid stiffness
so consume me a blossoming knew me,a growth to touch me, a gentleness
roughens and meaning,lost and dreaming, physically steaming
a fine mist screaming,fingernails gleaming. taste her long neck energetic, our beats next we click in naked around me holds me a voice that sounds me,sounds us believing wake up thinking a remembered sensing, a striding stepping a wishful making, today is breaking,connecting making inside another together forever.escape so real unfolds what we feel, a truth defined unspoken lines hands held in time in public or behind
we know our lives.

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