Monday 20 July 2009


sigh breath smash bottle crash
im over here. what's happenng to me.
i cant tell you. kiss.
i am.

Once upon a time.
(In ill mannered postings about poetry.)
What happened? Let's act like friends. Let's talk.
Look at me. I'm tired.
Things I wouldn't understand.
You can take care of everything.

(The shore and the sea and the woosh and the screech.)
The sigh apathy tiresome impatient looking to see.
i cant do it, i was meant for something

You just gave me an electric skeleton..with meat thoughts draped on it.
altho i would like an Amorphophallus titanum
i would carry it with me to random street corners and climb it.
and screen movies on the side of it.
and let kids spray paint throw ups on it.
and i wld sing poems to it.
telling stories about art that happened in atlanta.
i wld plug it into the internet and give it kisses.
and if it tried to stab me with a knife,i'd stab it with a sewing needle.
and if wood peckers climbed on it,i'd photograph them
and if rural poets busted conceptual black walnuts in gravel driveways
id eat them.
and if anybody meant anything
i'd buy them.

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