Saturday 18 July 2009

i must be missing
something here.

Hello. My Name is Jeff Dahlgren.

I'm liking this
more & more.
Even the title. Very
southern. Very necessary.

Only I'm not so sure about
The location.

For something like this I need a place
that curates artists who give us their Entire Vision..not "just enough".
enough to what?
Just enough to...oh! oopsie daisy! -ALREADY have foulness smeared across its surface,separating us from the experience-telling us the place is not about art or meaning,or saying something,or taking chances,or exploring themselves or other possibilities...but what?'s just a STORE. it's not art. it's pretty.

would you guys like
a commercial break in this..this post is an e-mail..okay.
this post is a poem)
choose could buy you a banner in the sky and one on the side of a rollercoaster.

highs in the 90's today.
chances of traffic.

But hey..that's Atlanta for you...who cares?
Were you looking for meaning?
Forget that.
oh,but it doesn't matter...who will remember 6 months from now anyways? As you were. Let's continue the charade of hanging our own pretend strange fruit on our pretend meaningful white walls.

Indoctrinating future artists(and zero ..ahem..patrons)
into the same delusion of
wanting to impress the proper etiquette
of the nobody that's watching. and then "we" (sometimes... if lucky!) write and publish empty meaningless mirrors about that- and slap each other on the back.shall we dance.
let's get together in important rooms
and ask to redistribute money amongst
our closed circuit of selves...fine..maybe something good will happen..

This just in ! bruce hornsby and the range live at lakewood honoring dead honest news reporters.
turn to page 13 if you are interested in art
turn to page 5 if you are into hip hop or nascar.

Artist paints a tacky veneer on something that's already tacky and out of place.and calls it art. finger lickin good is right. as worthy of vomiting in as the bucket it came out of.(atl being the bucket,i guess) hey everybody.

lets do a show including racism as a theme
and then use oh so cute colors and just the
cutest little readymade ideas you evuh seen.
i dee-clare.

hey. coffee mugs with curly stool handles and splatter t-shirts after im dead.
but not while im alive.
strangefruitcake .
im dying painfully for this,people.
just like the south's favorite first performance artist.
the origin of hate for humankind-weakness-masquerading as compassion and forgiveness.

"bless your heart" bare with me my purple fuzzy cantaloupes.
the origin of meaning turned into money.the mudskipper of broken lp's. the origin of a long history of validating supposedly purifying murder.starting with using the disgusting standardized method of nailing some babbling a-hole-hide-n seek-messenger of "god" politician to a tree. and then selling that rot across time,culture, and races to a point of contradiction that is hilarious.

smile! you're on candid e-mail!
you're a poem.

but.(sigh)death was necessary. if yr gonna an artist...give it all. in hopes of maybe doing something that means something for what?for who? eternal souls?....uh huh.

speaking of uh huh. al copeland stole from his ex-wife's momma her recipe for cajun chicken. this is just an email...the sad thing is somebody publicly killing themselves is just about what this eat more chicken art scene needs.
maybe using the front lawn of the High would do. write something sexy about that cathy. that is,unless yr ..chicken.

**Of course everything i have just written here is a performative reaity. it isnt art. you are. the typos are proof (wnk!). Print this out and i will sign it for you for $50.00 (plus sales tax.) i also offer insurance on the piece for 14.99,which gives you a free extra signature from me.i will even write a review of your receiving the signed piece- as art-and sign that as well for the low low cost of 10.99. photographs taken of this will be submitted to acp for a meaningful exhibition of wheatpaste nightmares.

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