Thursday 30 July 2009

michael(the bottom image was made by eggtooth. the others were by michael jackson-using eggtooth as a host.)
i tried to put that info in the comments,but apparently i or michael broke the comment thing. it makes me want to cry. i have tried to fix it. i want to say dirty words.
feel free to e-mail your comments to:

having odd reaction to this seemingly benign and benevolent experience. mj comes and goes as he pleases now. woke up in park holding flowers for someone. had a pocket full of arcade tokens.
zombie flavored fun dips and yellow raincoats. moses fishing on an ark. a roller coaster on my coffee table. and gold melted in the bathroom sink. hip to things. and secretive wishes for kicking the can. the deepest part changed all the colors of the rainbow. speaking in foreign tongues in foreign religious outfits. raw food. scary monsters in my closet and watching the same movie over and over. i don't like music.

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