Sunday 25 January 2009

Lack of credibility in order to have credibility (voice/change)
the will to call it like you see it for an idea of the greater good.
unattached,free -no credentials but for the murmur whisper of... the mob? who?
where the comon denominator? there isnt one. thats the beaut of it. i agree with all of you.
(no personal gain evident) is only trustable source that inspires the beginning of real Gain.
the concept of the freakin UFO
i wish aliens were allowed to hang out with us so they could gain credibility, ya know.
it will always remain.
the atlanta art scene
to make it "everybody's", you can't have "valuable" stuff.
cuz then you'd need locks and alarm systems
Alarm Systems Support Atlanta's Repetitive Troubles
sing it with me dirty
alarm systems support atlanta's repetitive troubles
jeh ya.

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