Sunday 25 January 2009

fragmentary lit

" of the cities that made the dominant concerns of the art world in general seem odd.."
How to make scenes "aware of their own theatricality" as to provoke honest validity out of the artists.
there are no defining categories anymore,that is what is the definition.
the global migration is via the internet in many ways.
If the images and narrative were compiled properly,if it followed the same feel & direction of his original post,it would be perhaps too..Honest. so that will never happen. the process, if done with insites of varying sorts,i bet would/could reveal much.
i mean,i see what you mean and it could be done..of course you joke about actually having it continue the notion of a swamp. you'd want something positive.right?
it could be presented in a positive manner,lacking the pejorative tone of "swamp" that you launch from ,and perhaps do well ...but of course,only amongst a same circle of people.
really,here's my idea: and i say this because it really seems the only way to do it. i know darn well it parallels a sort of optimism described in education of collectors/artists= utopia,but it will be fun to try.its defining a safe weird honest disguised perspective.
Criticart chapter novels.
Unbuilt Atlantis. only a single chapter novel at a time,based on an Idea,in the actual sense of the word.No necessary beginning or end. like episodes of seinfeld,as jerry references. It is a fictional place,but it is not. It is your first person narrative,done through another art's eyes. It is as real as your own perception of your place in a community. In this case,an art community,something that easily lends itself to interesting possibilities for representations of personas (and their personas). The environment is called Atlantis.
Atlantis represents a sort of recurring element or sound, that is an inconsequential environmental context,representative of the internet,and the washing away of civilizations in ways that don't seem entirely solid.
This is a middle chapter.
I will also freely admit,as its author,that this Idea,is of course mine,and i want that subjectivity to be worn on its sleeve. It is a manner of art that i feel bridges the critic and the author, or the artist,in a time when the context in which art is reviewed need be addressed at once with the art. I find this version of a tradition of writing to be the most effective for the goal.
(In tandem with this, I am pursuing a way of creating this visually.
With paintings.)
i'm building actual art reviews through the eyes of this world..which still means i have to experience a zillion other art venues,environments & crevices than known to all the gods' tiniest underground critters,but that's fine.

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