Wednesday 28 January 2009


tHe sun had set some time ago, and the base of this particular grassy hill was cold and rolling tickling green tips against the puppykitty's hind legs.
A solid mass of pink and green baby flowers bunched under a tree squinted in the happy darkness. They giggled,making silly jokes about the birds in the wiggling branches trying to sleep. Puppykitty,with his little leather collar,pretended not to hear.

It was then that the puppykitty decided it was time to stand up on his hind legs and climb the hill. His whiskers slipping around his fuzzy lips, the puppykitty took out a golden compass and opened it. His name was etched on the face of it.

Letting out an indignant huff and one paw forward, he began to walk. The hill semed to grow steeper and deeper, bales of hay sized swirls. Surfing suddenly seemed to be his best option.He dreamed it for a moment,then whistle whined to a sheet of shale on the side of the slope. The one the sun drank from during the Months of Wonder.

This happened to be the third moon of Wonder Month and the guards were out in full force. Tonight, at the top of the hill there stood the row of shadows. The watchers watching the forever setting sun. Their big ears malforming their sillouhette.The puppykitty knew not to listen to their stories they told in lower murmurs incessantly. Slipping secrets and truths about the plans for the Next Night. Forming the truth.

He trudged upward panting, when suddenly a sheet of shale slipped under his clicking claws, they scratched an almighty sound. Piercing the night.

In unison the watchers turned 180degrees, and all twisted eyes towards the puppykitty. The golden compass began to sting inhis paw, so he dropped it in the grass. Glowing from beneath it all, He decided the thing to do was dive deep.

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