Sunday 25 January 2009


a tribute to roadtrips and life experience:
He walked on down the hall and
the paintings bulged and shifted under mountain dew and dorito crunch priorities
he looked inside chaos
places us with friendship that paints for us
light years from home in a freedom prison riding a silver horse named billy gallerywrap
green mysticism of the shaman and youthful inspiration
father yes son
drop shadow pops never-idle acidic dayglo faces
life is curious every night
get here, we'll do the rest
bertolt brecht never wrecked his god dint make no junk
crazy lieu in life of value for passion and memories passed on
krazy kreatures deliver messages through baby alien's placenta. on canvas
cramped away experience influenced this way a brush stroke a parental e-joke
trucks scuffed on the curb send shards and visuals grind it out sweat the day away
being amped in cuteland by the newness of the new and marinating in the ways Knew ways.
dont stop
friends in this time the energy of the night...yr opening up alright. dig.
she gives birth to you art
drop it off and hang loose talk about yr work and the process is here it hurts
it's alive and smile dependable as
i want to
eggtooth ist rad

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