Sunday 25 January 2009

Tribal tattoo in starbucks
with arms like snow. and finger inkies in my back.

Sum of thinks til' flaps calves, it's a chasm,it's charm,
its fiends. Shutter bugged. John Tesh's shrink wrapped
testicles pour milky ways for puke rock. Spastic actors trample the
method why fee fie foe hum. The median glass is
shattered grass and traffic aint cozy. And then.

A figure trace, that effortlessly takes up space.
So graceful ways and tickles the air up and down
beautiful slope to two reaches
and tossed multicolor thoughts
a wry smile and inside sighs at a secret sight.
Webs stretched and tingles details to dream
outside is passed thru and gone is now returned.

Beige and browny dim sum lite tea of the day. Order up.
I never knew Chai men existed.
Mirror smears are popped personal creamers.
Flame and sand bur in my glossy magazine cover, says class is fashion. I can't stare too long.
Stacked and wack a poll up warn it's trick to systems and diligence.
Factor as a glass a traffic light,a stanza piss sips again sits.
The spastic jitter buggy thoughts.
Sips slaptor flaggish haggis sand bur class is fashion, slipped impish hips in tight
squirmy square sugary lips.

And sweet stones licked, collapsed in the fridge. On break for drive thru's.
Gallops a collosum and drafts across a lean two bean pole. Per cool,later. Friendshit pressed dark and strong.
Woodland stalk crackle wernt cane a sum,mumbled guffaw of frost or foamy counter weight.
A bird shit this?

So, blue mounting ten cups rushing rivers of words fills up. Didja make in time too strong?
Uh, do something drought,collapses the energy chasm. Its charm mirth strafes your wrath. With hair everywhere.

Concocted fry height hot zips zip. Chapel chaff bees sing about crashers disease,
Worker applications branches whisper about
the marble dirt covered halls. Stalled out for four seventeen.
For new baby's breath's pay check the shot clock chock
Full of express in your wake.
Anti-lycanthrope skin so soft tea thyme. and three stars. one wishbone ,cheap balm,one washer. amphibian cubicle eyes.. wrought quarters file a faint caffeine. drifting black hairs in the corner of your vision
you watch by not watching.

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