Sunday 25 January 2009

In Mexico or Egypt.
We travel together.
Generative race monuments(collide). break is structured, does not indicate any structure, yet its
traveling thru space on horizontal planes. Over oceans

Of thought,on thought
as the world turns,geometric symbols, acute as the window, it postulates beside us. And over there. the aisle.

Tiny wingspans on binary 8ch team Elle, Get hits!
Talents wax the sarcasm filled wills of grinding time
Call it what you will, outsided - on the street. A bipedal search engine.

Within a time,a fractured seamen's antics encapsulated in the deep, pants.
Asterix over the gall bladder makes a sub tract for doo doo. Meaning,
amplitudes reeds the bottom of Jone's Locke.r
Atrium distended and hyphenated,well intended.
Breathing half full in an argument with god. or God.
And a couple of really thin pages between the lungs
Cough gallops and rolls the uvula. speak up.
It must all means something.

Painters' ceramic anger management phalanx
and (with face in seestone hat) Farmers Almanac
It's illegible. The future.

Cumbersome humerous wack-a-doo wordle movement, part three.
Turn to the page where it start to fill the room
Fully charged skinny weapons of skin and teeth grit the quill.

(blossum with the dip,the dramatic paws,the handwriting analysis).

Incline cries of seas of fingers and dirt. The dirt of paradiggems.
The angles of the fracture cast light on sockets for understanding

Some mother of what she said, wrote the dose for twice,
A plug for the telescope aarghs the ripples and aaghs the plank. we walk forward,crawl forward,travel together,to get her,
Cross the t's and dot the I's.

Wait. I almost,of course it's nervous and speculative- propelled by an echo,
the arsenal floats.
And it hit him in the eye for tea time
A spread sheet short meat thick white.
Lean and lean into the end, it can't reach scrape . It can't wait . Yellow dash marks.
Call the number on the back of your receipt.

Turn to the page where it start to fill the room
Blizzard of geometric symbols
the troublesome monuments collide .

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