Sunday 25 January 2009

so my god /call battery/act tea on knee
oh knew. yeah, want a loss.Pure Straw to Knee Latest
air He Gain PI In oh soon climb in
luft marred/ retna knee
thats the thats the thats the thats thee thats thee thats thee
sea. (pianoforte and strings on high) bear noft to later my task
aye ah aah ha! /door kate hurt . m. (sluppish).(ibid)
she knew yay aye come bear snow/ to sink or swim
(yerth) tear knee oh conch/ the on share after there
after until mill fall tie in
oh hate oh fuck my tin tie in
and stay you like me chill mill may - fly this.
share tear she'll know she'll know
cloth a total share all share it all lost
in making you teeth poor seal or con fear ah with seal me down
shoo it all in we in we in we
or like for nuff to sun to sea specter
yr cost er mehr loose tall
oh tear near yester more coo couldnt slow
are heart (lar) flew
insane view now
till a thousand feeling.....share eeeee share aaaah
could still have a
flack fill about (tay) aye
share she share it all share it all cold is now in rating me
shoo she shoo all shoo it all til the next in all
you must a singing taken after me sleep care in me oh lately
"oh la" diss mount im on
now gave ace thousand women fool cage
aye lee sea (chrath) tea
i fall now share muck cure in total see that
die on the cure until a summer of we
after my pa got tour chi tall.
last tour hour cur is blah inside no lymph no somehow in faster rated
indie foe tear nah! gee! oooh beee oh back a roof aaah!
a torbin city a (chlof) he threw the kid on pay to nas
oh hlither knee! oh hlither knee! oh hlither knee!
oh hlither oooh kneeeeee aaaah! fake in her to say (eeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE.)
er titan roof haaaas gone oh day a sun falls
tear lie a thruuuuu stood too oh raise a (byefter)
after a knee. after your knee. after your kneeee aaah.
after a (plocht) three nee (vuh)
after men clue thru me seer me a cone of zone
near me a bee tea sun
titan cooe laughs
atleast a shine on me whole
before colding tree trade off a gone day
allay cooe knee!Cheer me so long. a no fair cheer on so long.
a long climb cheer me so long.
care of the tree of the flee sea cold me
call me after a rub chair cher sea class call from under we somthin
cheer ring cheer saw
all try procure toooo.aay we sing some thing aye wrinkle eat mehr sea sea after two knee
(cleee) ear often take linger on me
supposed i send shoe miss a ear knee/ tull earth
(instrumental) soar tear peel back the fabric and pour from why soar high
and waver why and still it echoes it why and climbs and climbs and climbs shudders throughout from yr inside.
angelic trip it
slinders back down and slithers within

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