Sunday 25 January 2009

oh no.i tuned the forecast on my typos
Tyed po' TIE-fighter theme to tilting titanics.
Tears i tell ya.
tailing my tight pole tye dye timed pose
arent i hour
in thai ear injun earring
deep art meant?
in contrast,tho.
A tincture tongue of cayenne
amplified tonight
by the light of the day . wake up maggot
dare tote tows toes through life
ich glaube
ich habe einer
thing zu sagt zu dir.
tard and tired of teuer tie rods
sunlight shows how old you are.
and treads toe out from the snout
i dont buy the ghost of marginal regret.
that theres value
that theres sharin
the last breath of elegance
with marge and sharon from ache are
the deep art meant
"brought to you in part by". right now
(like right now)
im shifting in front of this day
aware of all the days before me. including a day in oh.
november of 1988.
fucking words stumble inside of,behind .through this or that
a know it all whose eloquence out
does his intelligence.
word trickery is demanding me before thee.
i can just about rattle the weird pleasure
that hurts
to almost root around in yr brain with typewriter keys.
so obvious. a volcanic ache, a mound under the surface of yr flesh that hurts to wrinkle. squeeze a thought out, dont push. relax
it's better for you. mind if i shuffle these card and right justify them. magnetize them
alphabetize them.
turning text into paths and objects and ungrouping them so as to change their size.
arch arch arch your back that tingle inside the hands
the urge that nerves the stomach
as the world turns.

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