Monday 26 January 2009


Wash he was a system see it grow.

Calculated cue, umber coated

roaming cucumber cluster ring.

Shower Sheena stabilizer fungus

the mule.Too utilized wires weakening.

Flabbergasted axiom crumbles it see.

Fumble water an egg a,sectional

and three rows.

Talent shatter fantastic capital

catapult encumbered missed him.

Claws see floods gnats know.

Billy bobbed the apple a plaything and

wonder monkey rails the arch - i see thoughts.

Square blocks numbered walks and charts

and graphs frantic. A bundle of burning matches.

The internet.

Billboard rips a rat stir image prowess.

Worms eye view thru shrapnel

and clear coat.

but that true coat,caught by the river

is Eggo vomit and the alphabet rolls


Billy Will Anne Carl Lee Billy

Steve Rex Sandy Miles Reid

Fran Tim Russ Chuck Lee

Will Fran Sandy Lee Reid

Anne Sandy Fran Billy Billy

Will Fran Sandy Lee Reid

Russ Reid Fran Fran Sandy

Lee Reid Rex Reid Miles

Billy Carl Rex Billy Carl Rex

Tim Tim Sandy Lee Lee

Miles Will Lee Fran Miles

Sandy Sandy Sandy

Anne Billy Will Sandy

Will Billy Sandy Rex Rex

Sandy Fran Anne Billy Billy

Steve Rex Steve Rex Lee Reid


Billy Will Anne Carl Lee Billy

Miles Anne Miles Will Sandy

Fran Fran Rex Fran Rex Fran

Russ. Carl Lee Lee

Lee Reid

Reid Steve Steve Steve

Miles Lee Sandy Miles

Frank Willy Stan Annie Leigh.

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