Sunday 25 January 2009

so cute.

SUNDAY: puppyclear
happy puppy nice crisp fall morning grassy field.
butterflies sleeping chipmunks snoozing.
one time that morning,the sun. big yellow yawn,exposing a tooth it had lost.
Hey mister sun,you lost one of your teeetheses happy sunday morning puppy.
The sun raced across the sky embarrassed
for about 3 days.
serious father's star,wagging tail all the way,pooped sunday twelve poopies
One of them had a grumpy face.
now.chipmunks unbeknownst,
ahem the curmudegeonly rule of the butterflies. political system red clay broken sticks. southern cities, A future that would render walking fruitless!
Who needs walking butterfly council. butterflies ate poo and drew
picture twenty billion foot tall buildings rich people played gold coins heads
congested traffic below.
chipmunk shaving arms. upright tattooed gritting self-rolled smokes
Let's get em emperor chipmunk.
sun dark side. powerful female council denying nurturing thoughts.creative or fertile. its own rule of diversity. adorned repeated incessantly
pop radio song
written about it,just for it.
Just for the chipmunks,or so it said.
This really annoyed the puppy. own poopie. kicked up dirt with several back kicks.
couldnt resist movements. All could depend on this.
walked in circles
and waited. as strong as they were, lead and copied him.
marching screaming marched circles,reign from the sky.
laughed and the sun cried.
only grassy pockets,low foot paths
interconnected funny spots. spots watering holes escapism
silent feet could meet and jam,visible street glass walls.
his mother was a chipmunk today day pass on and become the sun.
accepted this,felt abandoned
after 3 days,for all the body rot and draw flies. and smell.
and so the gold coins filled the streets,40 tons a day.
in their circles,sold out. dried up sky filled with wires
happiness remained relative.

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