Sunday 25 January 2009

Truncated eloquence drifts
between grit iron lit and guffawed unalignable quips.
Delivered from a self-sickled unpunctuated tittle.
Calm uh, before the storksaurus.
Bored into 'brieviations.
Crowning kings before they are born.
Scroll flailing dollops of type rote walking
syllables. adding it all up.
a super balancing inelastic iconoclastic alphanumerical antidiscriminating supererogatorily...
Unaccent accident- a word fulcrum cunundrum.
Sober duplicate's puniest remark to itself and
embellishes a welfare of glad-handing comrades.
Chasing himself with a comma-net,
(he runs around his own circle)
irked by fun.

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