Sunday 25 January 2009

world war economy dirt 4:45 ante em!

FRIDAY: The Age Of Pisces:besmirch.
you tone the thrush,the whirly what yours is for.
the seventh house and chinese brothers alike
and then,the windshield smears the whirly thrush
water bearing kings cubed bedside manners for the new
of something you dont know for creaking doors.
golden clock and fishes scripted sunny side of life
for it's windshield is your tone the whirly what
return to sender (upstream) after three abstinent days
for the smear.what the thrush. the windshield.
it turns to electricity and says with a starry eye
smears on the windshield. yours smears the tone.
in the sky spent returning ownership pyramids
smears the forest floor. the floor of the forest silly
40 times twelve plus pulsating ten original prince
tone on the,your creaking door. whirly smears the
in their minds is honesty and in their honesty your
silly windshield for a tone your smears. tone smears
value empire blood and crossed the run on ages
is silly in the floor. for it's forest is something you dont
river sleeping message sets on the horizon's breast
know. creaking doors for something thrush, you don't
the civilization,the internet, the societal dawn grease
know. You tone the whirly tone and the windshields
two fish swam into a bar,and the water bearer said
silly what it's for,for its silly forest windshield. Silly is the
Santa Claus has a degree in philosophy from Harvard.
windshield in the windshield forest creaking thrush the you
don't know .Whirly floor in the forest door smear the
tone. You tone the smears with pork barrels.
Pork barrels besmirch the cold aluminium bleachers.

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